We milk cows every day because we believe that changing your diet can change your life.

We hear all the time from shareholders who have made raw milk an essential part of their diet. Their doctors are stunned that their MS and Osteoporosis have disappeared. Their bone density somehow (impossibly) improved. Their seasonal allergies aren't bothering them anymore; the eczema is gone; they're losing weight. Their gut health has improved. Kids aren't getting sick as often. Folks are really feelin'good. 

                                                  { real milk happiness! }

                                                  { real milk happiness! }

Your testimonies and dependance on clean, responsibly produced food fuel our drive to keep milking cows. We work to improve the land and keep our ladies in robust health so they can help you do the same.

Join our herd-share program & get real tasty real milk. 

We deliver your shares to convenient pick up sites in: Charlottesville, Roanoke, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Rocky Mount, Floyd and Willis. 




80% of your immune system depends on good gut bacteria. 

Raw milk is a cost effective glass loaded with beneficial bacteria, improving your gut and giving you a robust immune system.

Probiotics are expensive... and you can't eat them with cereal! 

Busy? Need an easy to prepare nutrient dense meal? 

Just pour. Really. 

  • Raw milk contains all 8 essential amino acids
  • thick, sweet cream that is loaded with vitamins & minerals
  • the enzymes you need are readily available (not destroyed like the enzymes and proteins in pasteurized milk) 
  • Many raw milk drinkers have said good-bye to lactose intolerance!
  • Probiotic strains to help improve gut health, which improves brain function, behavior and your immune system. 

If you're trying to ditch processed foods, ditch processed milk!  

  •  Our shareholders are using raw milk to help them heal from eczema, MS, allergies, leukemia, auto- immune diseases and lactose intolerance etc. 
  • Our shareholders are healing and growing kids with strong bones and happy tummies.  Make it a nutritional staple for your diet, it's the tastiest supplement around.

Responsibly produced raw milk from grass-fed cows is our passion and our four legged partners in this goal are pretty darn good at what they've been doing for thousands of years- keeping us alive and well. 

Unleash your raw milk superpowers!

As a Division 1 athlete, I consider raw milk and it’s superfood attributes to be one of my most important resources when trying to get into top shape, not to mention it’s absolutely delicious!

I’ve been drinking raw milk religiously for about two years now and also have several friends and family members who are avid drinkers. I’ve had milk from many different suppliers in different states across the country and it’s generally agreed amongst me and my friends that the milk I have been receiving from Sweet Land Farm for the past year is the best we have ever tasted.
I think it’s mostly because of the quality of the care they treat cows with, which includes a grass fed diet supplemented with small amounts of locally grown, GMO free grain. Sweet Land has also provided me with phenomenal customer service during my entire time with them and their flexibility and helpfulness made sure I was able to get my milk every week even with my busy schedule! All in all, Sweet Land Farm is the best!
— Christian Reeves, shareholder

Join our herd-share program and pour yourself a glass of tummy + tastebud goodness!